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IPO Services and Advisory, Going Public | How to Go Public
Welcome to IPOServices.org where we provide full service analysis and advisory with you and your ambition to access the public markets IE: U.S. Stock Exchanges, NASDAQ, NYSE, AMEX and OTC. Contacting us is the first step toward implementation of rolling out a successful IPO.

INVESTMENT BANKING & CROWDFUNDED IPOs Going public through an IPO has countless advantages for companies with huge growth potential, a market opportunity, a unique idea, product or service, a need for easier and greater access to capital for future projects, acquisitions, or assets.

Purpose of Going Public:

    • Liquidity - Fact: Investing in a public company is much more accepted by investors then in private firms, not to mention far easier. It is also a great way for present owners to divestiture their original investments.
    • Value - Fact: Public companies are often worth a lot more then their private counterpart. Public companies can also experience remarkable growth through stock appreciation.
    • Access - Fact: A public company has a higher and easier level of access to capital markets and other resources which can drastically fuel corporate growth. The companies stock can also be used for direct acquisitions and leverage for other financial endeavors.
    • Attractiveness - Fact: Stock options are an inciting form of leverage that can be used to attract top tier employees.

Bring Your Company Public

There are numerous options when positioning a company for public growth and expansion. Since business expansion usually requires additional capital; one way to attract interest from prospective investors and funding sources is to bring the company public through an ipo or s1 filing. Even start-up, early-stage and small businesses can effectively and inexpensively go public via an Alternative Public Offering (APO). In many cases, an APO is more attractive than either the venture capital or angel investment route. APOs are also a cost effective means of going public when compared to a conventional IPO or Reverse Merger (an Alternative Public Offering also eliminates the risks involved with Reverse Mergers).

It is important for the company and business owner to understand that bringing a company public can be a complex and confusing process and expert assistance can make a world of a difference.

Talk to us about your company and let us find the best way to setup your offering, engage with investors and take your company public on a US stock exchange based on your goals and overall business model and needs. Our core focus is on IPOs (Initial Purchase Offerings), however we can also assist clients with other means of going public whether through a Self-Filing, Reverse Merger or otherwise, our advisors can identify the best path for you to succeed in your move toward an initial public offering (IPO). Our full service market plan will assure that no step is missed or over looked and that all of your needs are met. Not only do we assist with taking your company public but we also assist you with setting up the proper team for raising capital to help your company expand and grow. We focus on building long lasting relationships with our clients through the many IPO stages and phases of corporate of growth, as well as solid implementation of your expansion strategy.

IPOServices.org is here to provide Top Tier IPO advisory services and consultation with your company through the entire process of going public, in order for your company to successfully become publicly traded on the US markets with an issued ticker symbol and active set of market makers which create a market for your companies stock. We know each company is different that is why were here to support your company with our full team of seasoned professionals in the public arena to make the entire process cost effective and implemented in a timely manner.